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Stream of Thought

The Amman demonstration was surreal in a few ways. Getting caught up in a march with a bunch of men whose idea of person space is much different from what I’ve grown up with was one thing. Listening to a crowd of people chant anything as dedicated as this crowd chanted, “God is the greatest,” is another.
But there were subtlties, like the crowd of women who followed in the rear of the march chanting just as loud and as dedicated as the men, some who were working their way up towards the front.
The strangest aspect of the demonstration was the way it ended. One wants to imagine something with the energy of a thousand people erupting into something ecstatic or uncontrolled. That’s what it feels like when you’re in the middle of all this controlled chaos
But this flow of people moved, stopped and dispersed as calmly as the water in a stream would tumble past a rock.
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