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Paintjob, originally uploaded by jkorpi.

After 10 weeks of a “Photographic Essay” class, I have two full harddrives of images and a increasing risk of heart failure due to stress. Fortunately, I’ve done some work I’m proud of and have progressed as a photographer. In the process of cleaning off my laptop I figured I would post some of my outtakes from last quarter.
This was on a ride home from a visit to a power plant in the area. The guy was putting a new coat of paint on the back of a dumptruck.

Fog in Cleveland

_MG_2300, originally uploaded by jkorpi.

The photographer Sam Abell was told by his father, who was also a photographer, to remember a few key elements to good photography. The first of these tips was to remember that bad weather makes good photographs. Cleveland in fog defines this rule.