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Barking up the Right Tree

The birch has got to be one of the most beautiful trees to grow in a forest. Its bark flashes amongst so many dull-grey trunks.
These guys I met from Longview Forest Consulting were stripping the covering of the birch in order to sell to rustic furniture makers. The whole process felt ritualistic, almost like the hunting and then skinning of a whale.
Most people ask, “But what happens to the tree?” The answer is the tree eventually would die from this wound, but this process is only done in forests that are about to be harvested. The trees would eventually be stripped of their bark in the lumber mill, but this bark would be wasted. This procedure is truly a win/win.

Bad Weather, Good Photographs

It’s said that bad weather makes good photographs. I tend to agree, but when you’re living out of a car and are worried about your camera getting soaked in torrential Vermont storms it’s probably not the best idea. When you hop back in your car it takes about an hour for your windows to stop fogging up.
These boys were walking along the railroad tracks somewhere in East Dorset, Vermont, when I drove by them. They were headed for a fishing hole not to far from where this photograph was taken.
I’ve realized I’m often drawn to scenes that remind me of my childhood and the beauty in the innocence of that part of my life. Maybe it wasn’t all that innocent. Maybe it’s just an illusion of innocence, but I sure as hell wouldn’t walk to a fishing hole in the pouring rain.

Half of a Face

Every photographer has looked at a scene and thought of another photographers image. It’s what happens next. This is an interesting look at a cliche way of seeing the world. So much for putting a face on the world’s problems.

Why did the bear…?

He waited till no cars were around, aside from the beat-up Honda Civic with the photographer cautiously ready to jump in the driver’s seat. Then he made his way graciously across the road. I say “he” but it could have been a she. This is the first wild black bear I’ve ever seen in northern New Hampshire. I’m in the town of Littleton, NH, photographing a small lumber operation.