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Yes We Can

Both candidates were decent. It can’t be denied that John McCain is an amazing person with the resume to follow up. But in the end only one person sits in the seat.
McCain’s exit speech was the first time I’ve heard unfiltered sincerity in his voice in a long time. Unfortunately, elections bring rhetoric and disingenuous triteness that patronizes the electorate to the point of frustration, so I’m glad it’s over, and we can be real.
We can start to talk solutions and this “change” Obama so often tosses around like a schoolboy throws out the word “love.” Yes we can.
We can carry our recycling bins filled with colorful, yet pricey, political propaganda to the curb for it’s inevitable downcycling to toilet paper. Yes we can.
We can rest easy at dinner time without the worry of the Democratic Party imposing a voter survey. Yes we can.
We can stop calling our relatives, friends, and neighbors names like “republican uncle” or the “democratic-liberal-crunchy aunt.” Yes we can.
We can tear up the “Red State”/”Blue State” maps that place us into “Good and Bad” geographic locations. Yes we can.
We can stop with the Red and Blue childishness all together. Yes we can.
We can start the inevitable process of breaking down the facades of a cheap-oil backed Empire and move on to the next phase of civil life in America. Yes we can.
We can begin to realize that colonization of the Middle East is the worst idea since the building of the Mayflower. Yes we can.
We can remember what it means to truly work. Yes we can.
We can look closely at our own actions and impact and make the change we want in the world. Yes we can.