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Yesterday’s News

Proud Owners © Jim Korpi

Somewhere close a newspaper lines the plastic bottom of a birdcage. The droppings of a tropical songbird cover yesterday’s news: a pelican draped in oil below the headline “Size of Spill in Gulf of Mexico Larger Than Thought.”
Somewhere else a woman nears a gas station and vocalizes her personal boycott of the BP on her right, instead she pulls left into Exxon and fills her car with conviction.

Being Human

Freeman House, July 2010 © Jim Korpi

“I sometimes just come up here… to breathe.”

Freeman quietly breathes and I join. He recollects a season when the trees were as tall as him: a time I have no eyes for seeing nor wisdom to fully understand.
The steep hillside reaches up with its undergrowth to hold last year’s cones and needles and to guide the moment’s breeze. I was truly alive that moment. A followed silence allowed for the hearing of the world beyond our breath.