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the american way

Superman, Ohio River Project © Jim Korpi

Mountains are being torn down in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio to fuel the likes of the computer I type on. Fourteen citizens sit on the steps of the Kentucky governor’s office in protest.
I stand in solidarity but don’t stand at all.
I sit. I sit, and I stare at an illuminated screen in search of words to describe my contradiction.
We look to the Egyptians in recent history like heros for overturning a government they could no longer swallow. Mubarak held the reins for 30 years with the support of dollars and politics from complacent Americans.
What would an uprising look like in the United States? What would it take?

winter in winter

New York City Iceberg, New York © Jim Korpi

Blessed are we who are able to witness seasons. Hide if you must, snow birds, but this bird prefers to weather the change. Truth be told that winter is often snowy, just as summer is likely hot. News programs fill time with inconvenience reports of airports and roads closing due to snowfall. Small talk fills with conversations about a weather pattern so often predictable by its accompanying season.
We, creatures of habit, have evolved over the centuries to adjust our activities to the annual ebb and flow of changing temperatures, vegetation and sunlight. Only now has rain and snow become bad weather.
Winter comes from a Germanic word, wentrez, meaning “time of water.” Snow, with its slow thawing, will bring growth come Spring just as those late summer drops bring reprieve to a drying landscape.