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Get In Line

Ferrari World, Entrance Maze, Abu Dhabi © Jim Korpi

“Why is it that Arabs can’t seem to get into lines?” – A question I have heard from expats in different Arab countries

“We do not like to be told what to do or where to go,” an Arab man answered. “I once was in America, in the the middle of Midwestern corn fields. I was on small back roads where I could see forever in all directions. I watched as a car drove to where two roads intersected. The driver could see there were no cars coming for miles. There was a stop sign. He stopped.”

fear and loathing

Shotgun Shells, Found in Desert, Saudi Arabia © Jim Korpi

Me: The guy said you couldn’t come to the event.
Saudi Friend: Why?
Me: No Saudis are allowed.
Saudi Friend: Why? Are they afraid of me getting drunk and making a fool of myself?
Me: No. They are afraid of you being a terrorist and blowing the place up.
Saudi Friend: (laughs hysterically) Are you serious? They must not sleep very well with such fears.

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