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oceanfront property


Saudi Property For Sale © Jim Korpi

Two inch passport photos are needed for my international driver’s license. This is why I find myself in line at Walmart’s photo department.
“You need these for a passport?” Mary, the grandmotherly woman behind the counter, asks. It’s a legitimate question.
“No, I need them for a Italian driver’s license.”
“Italy! Oh, you know, I was watching House Hunter’s International last night. It was in Berlin, Germany. The couple had $500,000 to spend on a house. They found one for $400,000 but it had a teeny bathroom. Then they found one in the middle for $450,000. They found another for $500,000, but they ended up going with the one in the middle for $450,000. Things are expensive in Berlin. How about in Italy?”
I answer something about it all coming out in the wash. She agrees.
“Some friends of mine just moved down to Florida,” she said. “They were hoping to live down there for 8 months without having to work. Family came down to visit and they went through their money too fast. They came back after four months. Now he is a truck driver and they hope to raise enough money to live for six months down there. I would go too if I could, but I can’t because my grandkids. They live two hours away, but we see them every chance we can. I was just up there yesterday and Chelsea was sitting on my lap and said, ‘Grandma, I love you. I wish I could see you every day.’ Imagine that! She wishes I could be there every day.”


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Pier & Betty Burr, 2013 © Jim Korpi

Pier Antonio and Betty Burr had been married for 65 years when I made this portrait. A year later Betty Burr would pass quickly from a stroke.
Ten years ago, at sunrise under a sycamore tree in Maryland, Annah and I were married in the presence of four witnesses. Pier Antonio and Betty Burr were among them.

the differences


Archive Image, Jamaicans & Farm Hand, New Hampshire © Jim Korpi

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Is There A Difference Between Country Women And City Women?

Yes. Just as there is a difference between country men and city men. Then there is a grey area of people from suburbia when they enjoy their lawns and better air than the city, but don’t have horses and barns. I am a suburbianite and live about 15 minutes outside the city. I get a river view and the public streets have very little trash on them.

City people get dressed up more. They seem a little more intense and the young city people are regular clubgoers. They dress with more of the latest fashion trends in mind. A city woman will care more about needing an LV handbag. Saturday Night Fever comes to mind. Country people are more laid back. The women will be less likely to wear spiked high heel shoes and makeup.” – MIU (username) Location: MA/NH, 13,609 posts, read 24,836,614 times, Reputation: 10897

Home For Rent


History of Advertisements, Codogno, Italy © Jim Korpi

Answer to Advertisement for Renting a Home

Home Owner (HO): Our house is out in the country. Are you country people or city people?

Potential Renter from Detroit (PR): I do all the cooking. I cook with a cast iron pan. I’d say that’s country.

HO: Well, we have a garden space, are you into gardening?

PR: We have a lawn here in Detroit, and I hate to mow, so I made an edible yard. I figure I might as well get something out of it.

HO: Our home is heated with only wood. Are you comfortable with a wood stove?

PR: We have a fireplace at our house that we start for ambiance when friends come over.

To Have a Name


Chicken, Italy © Jim Korpi

“I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt. ” Minnesota Dentist Walter Palmer after his big game hunt in Zimbabwe resulted in controversy over the killing of Cecil the Lion.