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Sunset, Codogno, Italy © Jim Korpi

The sun drifts down into the trees of the horizon like a glowing hot air balloon missing its landing space in the green field of ryegrass.
A roaring echo of thunder rolls across the sky for too long. It is not thunder but a jet moving east, a non-stop to Istanbul, or a red-eye to Beijing. The inside of that plane must be lit up with a mix of the setting sun’s red and the overhead reading light’s bright amber.
Cool air blows down from the Alps and blends with warm from the south. Rain clouds form and the sky falls in sheets, buckets, cats and dogs.
The farmers welcome the rain, but not too much, just enough to prevent the setting up of irrigation systems for their hectares of corn and soybean. Those in town welcome the rain for its initial novelty, and this quickly fades into visions of puddles to be avoided and the windshield wipers blurring the morning commute.


Window Stopping, Milan, Italy © Jim Korpi

“Whatever our gains in terms of scientific advantages or in our industrial economy, neither of these is very helpful in establishing an integral presence to the more profound depths of our own being or into the more powerful forces shaping both the universe and the planet on which we live.” – Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth


Bird Walk, Milan, Italy © Jim Korpi

“I miss the little things of home,” Katie admitted while rocking a stroller back and forth to keep the child from boredom in the park. She has been a nannie for an Italian couple for three months. She wakes early to feed the children breakfast and ends her work day by feeding the children dinner. The Italian couple wants their kids to be brought up around English.
“Things like chocolate chip cookies,” Katie declared. “You just can’t find brown sugar anywhere here.”


Chiavari, Italy © Jim Korpi

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