On Track

This coal miner was the first who I had come across in my roaming through the mining towns outside Datong. I was walking by the railroad tracks and saw this guy with his blackened face in between the tracks chopping grass. He had just finished a shift at the mine and stopped to cut weeds for his animals.
Almost every photograph I have of men in China is accompanied by a cigarette. Smoking here is second to breathing. Tobacco companies may bicker about laws in the United States hurting their sales, but at the rate these people smoke I’m sure nobody is losing money.

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  1. Rebekah:

    Hey Jim!

    I just want you to know I am enjoying reading your blog every day, but it’s hard to leave comments because I’m usually nursing Phare when I’m on the computer! I often want to comment, and just want you to know that I’m interested. I think your posts are interesting and as always, your pictures capture humanity in profound ways. Looking forward to the next post!

  2. POPs:

    This guys lungs must be as black as his hands and face.
    Although he has the option not to smoke, working and just living around these mines must be a quick death for these people.
    Do these people even try to wear any dust mask of any type? And for that matter are YOU wearing any type of breathing protection? The black lung would be no fun;-(

  3. tian mu:

    hey jim!wish u have a wonderful summer in HongKong!i ll never forget that crazy disco night in BeiJing!i ll never forget the time we share in my lifetime! see ya in nextyear!

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