Self Promotion

This photograph was taken in Beijing last week. It’s of an elder man playing a traditional Chinese instrument, which I haven’t been able to properly identify. It’s played like a violin, but has only one or two strings. He was playing up against a temporary fence made by construction workers in the city. The colors of the rusting blue metal were a beautiful and almost metaphoric background for the musician.
For those who haven’t visited my main site in a while I just wanted to shamelessly ask that you have a look and let me know what you think about the approach to the organization of content. I’ll be posting a portfolio section soon with single images. Any ideas for the title of this category? They will be images that stand alone. Thanks for having a look.

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  1. Jim Korpi:

    According to a musically inclined friend of mine, “the picture is an erhu.”

  2. Annah:

    This photo reminds me of the two guys playing checkers in Rabat. Weren’t the colors similar somehow? The lighting, the contemplation, the indifference to the camera? I like this a lot.

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