Gained or Lost?

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
There is something about this photograph that speaks to my desire, and possibly a portion of others, to seek the simple life and push away uncertain change.
Walls like this are being constructed all over the city of Beijing to hide that which is behind it, the old face of Beijing. Hutongs, as they are called here, are, or were, ancient neighborhoods literally and figuratively connected together in narrow alleyways that have traditionally made up the city of Beijing and others in China. But China is a world player now. With the Olympics and the country’s financial success, it seems as though it and its people have decided to push for the image of development and change.

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  1. Annah:

    The painting on the wall reminds me Mary Poppins. They jump into the street painting and are thus transfered into the imaginary world as set by the painting. There are three worlds in this photograph, really.
    The Emerson quote makes me think of my job struggles. Thanks for sharing it!

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