Sex Kitten

There needs to be a bit of humor on my blog occasionally, although with a post title like this I may get some unwanted traffic.
Sam Girton and I happen to be roaming through some part of town in search of Hong Kong camera deals when we stumbled on this kitten keeping watch over the porn magazines.
The Chinese are surprisingly open and comfortable with the topic of sex. I’ve heard stories about the countryside being fairly conservative when it comes to things like sex before marriage, which is interesting in a fairly secular country. The United States has a lot of religious pressure and Puritanical residue that creates this taboo around the topic, but the Chinese seem to have more of a societal or community influence.

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  1. Annah:

    I love the contrasting vulnerabilities here. This kitten seems as exposed as these women (and men). She also has to prostitute herself for her basic needs.

  2. Paul:

    I enjoyed you exploration of the cultural morality of an emerging economy. Please send me some of this research material.

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