winter in winter

New York City Iceberg, New York © Jim Korpi

Blessed are we who are able to witness seasons. Hide if you must, snow birds, but this bird prefers to weather the change. Truth be told that winter is often snowy, just as summer is likely hot. News programs fill time with inconvenience reports of airports and roads closing due to snowfall. Small talk fills with conversations about a weather pattern so often predictable by its accompanying season.
We, creatures of habit, have evolved over the centuries to adjust our activities to the annual ebb and flow of changing temperatures, vegetation and sunlight. Only now has rain and snow become bad weather.
Winter comes from a Germanic word, wentrez, meaning “time of water.” Snow, with its slow thawing, will bring growth come Spring just as those late summer drops bring reprieve to a drying landscape.

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  1. Rebekah Deitrich:

    Very thought provoking. All I know is that I would NOT miss trying to put my toddler in the car, when it’s -6, and my fingers are cracked and bleeding from the cold, and her hair is getting caught in the seatbelt straps, so she is screaming, and oh, I have the tummy bug on top of it all. Yes, winter is bad weather to me, for sure. Not to mention the lack of sunlight causing some serious issues with depression. However, I don’t want to live my life avoiding the bad, because the bad, as you point out, generally precedes the good. Lots of love to you Jim!

  2. admin:

    It is surely a bear dealing with certain aspects of seasons. Just as winter can seem unruly, so can summer seem hell-like. But as you eluded to, character comes from moments of discomfort, whether this means the challenging of one’s beliefs or a confrontation with the elements. It’s a matter of perspective. There was once a time when we celebrated WInter Solstice with music, dance and food. The Roman celebration of WInter Solstice was held on December 25th. The Christians trumped this celebration with the convenient movement of Jesus’ birthday. We all know what this holiday has turned into.
    Regardless, I hope all is well up there in the frosty hills of Vermont. Give the family my love.

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