Density in Hong Kong

Going from Beijing to Hong Kong is a lot traveling into the future. This is a city like I’ve never seen. People are stacked on top of each other to heights I never thought possible. Every window in one of these high-rise buildings is a different life, a different family, a whole set of different thoughts and dreams… It’s amazing to see and scary at the same time.

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  1. Mom:

    Hi Jim, This picture could certainly tell so many stories. Though from time to time living in the city has wandered into my mind a few times, being a country girl, this kind of city liveing is a bit scary to me. As I am sure country living would be overwhelming to them too. Where do the children play ? How many families live in these massive buildings ? So many questions so little space .

  2. PSA:

    Is it me or is there a ghost like Micheal Jordan rising up from the pavement to do a thunderous 2-handed jam!

  3. Annah:

    I see what you mean, PSA (by the way, are you too “top-secret” to even give your name anymore?) You must have been really good at those picture puzzles where you see a blob of ink and have to convey to the doctor what it means. I can’t think of the name.
    This city is scary to me, too. It would be interesting to find how it affects a person to go from the country to this living environment. It’s unfathomable to me.

  4. PSA:

    Rorschach inkblot test

  5. POPs:

    Well I believe that I failed the inkblot test.
    What I do see here is how millions of people live through out the world.
    Looks to me like the projects in south Boston.

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