Tourist in Paradise

Today I played tourist, which is part of the study abroad experience. For a section of the day I escaped from the group and made my way to a secluded section of a nearby river in Kyoto to go for a swim and contemplate life.
Traveling to a place like Japan brings all sorts of thoughts to ones head about what a country will be like when you get there. No, Pete, I haven’t seen any Ninjas. But there were expectations of seeing the exotic, and for the most part this is followed by disappointment.
When I walked down to this section of the river and heard a flute player practicing on the bank while a boat paddled by, I felt, for the first time, an authentic connection to the present Japanese culture.

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  1. Annah:

    It’s nice to have some music accompany your pictures. Can you take more videos? Maybe one where we get to see you?

  2. PSA:


    The reason you don’t see the NINJA is because they are operators of stealth clandestine missions. If you did see the NINJA it would be just after the smell of smoke bombs and just before the flash of a ninjaken (short sword) sliced you into tiny pieces. Ahso!

  3. KP:

    why are you so intelligent…and sexy???

    your roommate misses you. 🙂

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