It’s Official

There’s another Korpi in the world, and she is an employee and student at Ohio University! I didn’t think it would ever happen. Annah Burr Korpi is a wonderful woman.

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  1. Rebekah:

    Yea!!! Annah, I’m so happy for you! This picture is a riot, but you still look as gorgeous as ever. I love you!

  2. Lau:

    Congrats on the new job and all opportunities that come with it, for sure. Am confident you will do well. Not sure if adapting a guy’s name is the most liberal thing to do. I love the spanish way of namegiving.

  3. Mrs. Korpi:

    What is your daughter’s last name? Miedema, right? Why didn’t you give her Paula’s last name? That would have been the “liberal” thing to do. You–like me–would like to have the last name of your child, I suspect.
    I hope that puts things in perspective, though that’s the not only reason I took Jim’s last name.
    What is the “spanish” way you write of?

  4. Lau:

    Spanish people have a combined family name, which consists of both mom’s and dad’s last name. So my daughter, if spanish, would have been Pip Miedema-De Bruin, rather than just Pip Miedema

  5. Sarah HE:

    I think it has a nice ring to it.

    I have no idea what I’ll do with myself/my kids and my own hyphenated surname. One of my friends had parents who both had hyphenated last names, and they each took one of their two names and combined them to make the name Hallweaver.

  6. Rebekah:

    Call me old-fashioned, and definitely not liberal, but I feel honored to take my husband’s last name. This does not signal some sort of inequality, but for me it is a statement that I am glad to be bound to him in this way, and that our family has a unity in his name. So what if the last name is commonly the man’s name–we women get to bear children! All that being said, a woman should be able to keep her last name if she so desires, but if she doesn’t, it is not an inferior decision on her part. Let us respect both sides of the argument.

  7. POPs:

    well well well
    Congrats.on the job AND
    WELCOME to the Korpi name as you were already part of the family.
    What was it, that you decided to take on the family name?I hope that it wasn’t pressure from Jim?
    As you are aware colleen kept her family name although sometimes I call her Colleen Crawford Korpi as the spanish would put it although I believe they also put the middle name in there somewhere.
    Well I am sure that mom and dad will be happy to here that there is another Korpi family out there:-)
    Love you guys

  8. PSA:

    “that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet” -Shakespeare

  9. mom:

    Mom says: Congratulations on the job. Annah you took Jims, heart and ours a long time ago, now you take his name. As Jim says you are a wonderfull woman, not just for taking his name, just because you are who you are, a very special daughter. Does this make Ewok and Spot Korpi’s too ??? Just so I know how to mark there christmas presents : ) Love mom

  10. Clay:

    The picture is great. Glad to see you are smiling in Ohio.

    You know, maybe you could have tried combining names, such as “Aborpi” or “Korpetti”? 🙂

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