A Fallen Season

The passing season has always been my favorite. Fall seems to come and go too quickly, but while it’s here there’s so much about it to take in. Maybe it’s because the loss of leaves or the breeze with a touch of winter reminds me of home. There’s so much nostalgia in just the scent of autumn. Even the rotting of leaves brings back something within that yearns for home. The smell of wood burning fireplaces on my walk reminds me of Halloween as a child and the brisk New England wind. A life without seasons would be void of so many subtle feelings.
In the little time I had this quarter, I randomly photographed “Fall” in an attempt to capture the season in all its glory. I’ll continue with other seasons and will begin posting it on my website soon. I’ll keep you posted.
This is an image of geese in Ohio flying to warmer climates for the winter. They stop in the rivers near school to feed on grass…

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  1. Mrs. Korpi:

    I’m glad you finally posted something to distract from my early 90s-esque i.d. photo! I love the sky in this photo. It is a sharp contrast to your previous bird post in May 14 of ’05 (see archive or cut and copy below link).
    For those of you who have not seen Winged Migration, you must!

  2. PSA:

    For a second I thought the comment was from Joan. I guess this will take some getting used to!

    Soon the Geese will head north for the winter!

  3. Jim Korpi:

    That’s south for the winter Pedro.

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