Staring at the Sun

Lau may get mad at me for posting a photo of him online, but I wanted to share some thoughts about friendship that we had talked about.
After a lengthy visit recently, Lau read something about friendship between males that I thought was reflective and sad in a way. Whatever he read said something like, “Male friendship can be compared to the sun. They enjoy it but are afraid to look into it.”
It’s a strange phenomenon that men, me included, are in so many ways ingrained with a stoic approach to companionship. So often our relations to other men dig only at the surface of what a friendship could and should be.
Having an Annah and Lau in my life has been a Yin & Yang in relational completeness.

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  1. POPs:

    Oh Jim
    You are a lucky man to have such a friend. They say in a life time you might be able to count these kinds of friends on one hand, although I believe they can be counted on one finger.Colleen & Dean would be my Yin & Yang

  2. Lau:

    Pops, a personal note: Jim is not the only one who is very lucky. There’s a guy on the other side of the Atlantic who feels the same way. Lau

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