Watching burned copies of films in Jordan may just be a great way to get a flavor of home every now and then, but unfortunately it doesn’t always leave the best taste in one’s mouth.
Some fellow Fulbrighters bought a burned copy of The Interpreter on the oh-so-present bootleg market here in Amman. The disk popped up as being blank, which was a let down after settling in for our nightly movie session, but considering a bootleg copy of a Hollywood “blockbuster” is only $2, well, one isn’t losing their school loan payments in a botched film purchase.
As a friend here said, “Life in Amman must always have a plan B.” This may be a bit of self-incrimination, but I just happen to have a Plan B bootleg copy of “OutFoxed.” Truthfully I’ve watched Fox news about as much as I’ve watched reruns of All My Children, so my knowledge of the channel only comes in the facts. For instance I know it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch and is watched by a large chunk of American television audience. What I didn’t know was the content on the news station itself.
If you watch Fox, don’t watch Fox, or know someone who watches Fox, you should see this movie, actually, if you have a heart beat you should see it. Regardless of its slant, the documentary shows a section of the American media that is increasingly popular and amazingly destructive. !Warning! If you have high blood pressure be sure to watch this film in the close proximity of a defibrillator.

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  1. Anonymous:

    Hi Jim. I’m wondering if you can use the US taxpayer-funded opportunity you have in Jordan to find and photograph/document examples of pro-American sentiment and positive effects the USA has had in the middle east.

  2. MrE_at_TA:

    This grant is NOT tax-free. There is no free lunch in America. The buck stops here. And why are you burning air jordans? Read a great book about Jordan once. Bill & Pete Go Down The Nile. I guess that’s in Egypt. Well – that’s pretty clsoe isn’t it? Where’s Condi? She’ll know.
    The President

  3. Anonymous:

    Thanks for the blog, Jim. One thing you might want to clarify is the parameters of your Fulbright project. Does it require you to cover anything in particular or does it give you a free pass to cover whatever you like? Also, will there a finished product that’s going to go in the Smithsonian or something?

    -Doug (Hanover, NH)

  4. Bub:

    Don’t blame the media, become the media. Nice job Jimmy.

  5. luch:

    jim, great ideas, thank you for sharing the other side of the world with us

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