Before and After

Picher Oklahoma was undergoing a federal buyout. A number of homes had been bought by the federal government due to health and safety risks of former mining. Now a tornado has put a twist in the whole scenario. What will happen to the people of Picher who have not yet had their houses bought? What will happen to the people whose homes have not been appraised?
After spending some time in Picher in Febrauary, it was strange to return to a town where the north side is the way I left it, and the south side had been blown away.
This photograph was taken in the south side of town in February and then today.

Posted May 13th, 2008 in Uncategorized.


  1. Tim Gruber:

    that says it all

  2. Lau:

    Shit, well done, Jimmy. Sometimes it is hard to realize how evil nature can be, when you are totally enjoying it at other moments in life. But how hard this may sound at moments like this with the weather related stuff in Burma, China. Chile and parts of the US, it is often nice to know that there is something more powerful than people. As you know I am currently reading ‘The world without us’, and these pictures prove there is so much truth in that book. Worthwhile reading!

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