Man-Made Nature

As an American in Holland, or Europe for that matter, I was aware of something I’m not sure many folks back home think about. Europe, or Holland as an example, has boxed in, used up, or completely altered its natural world. Regarless, there’s an effort to strike a balance with the voracious appetite of human developement and a struggling environment. With this attempt there’s still this sense that everywhere you stand someone has already cleared the path, even if you’re in the middle of the woods.
Some places back home you can still feel like a pioneer. What worries me is America often neglects that which brought it such wealth and plenty, and we won’t realize what we had until what we had isn’t anymore.

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  1. Alex Gove:

    Jim –

    Great blog! Keep it up!


  2. MrE_at_TA:

    You’re inadvertantly referencing a seminal idea of the environmental movement, ie, the tragedy of the commons. The essay of this name posits that communal properties tend to become depleted due to individuals’ attempts to maximize their individual gains, rather then become stewards of the resource.Interesting to note too that that some of the richest, most fertile farmland in all of New England lays under the shopping strip malls on Rt 12A.

  3. Jim Korpi:

    I guess you can say that.

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