Coming Home

“You have to do what you what you have to do in order to do what you want to do.” This quote made so much sense while I was floating around in my mother’s kayak on the pond behind their house. I placed a card in my camera that had already been used for a conference I photographed in Washingon, DC just a week prior to leaving for New Hampshire. While I was paddling around the pond I realized the card was full with conference images and I wasn’t going to be able to make photographs of this fleeting scenery without having to delete pictures from the card.
It’s hard to make anything visually interesting of someone standing at a podium giving a speech. In fact, having sat through a number of verbatim Powerpoint presentations, I’m convinced that attempting to do so is only dishonest. Regardless, when I looked at the back of my camera as the sun was casting a warm glow over me in the middle of my parent’s pond, I realized the steps that it took to place me here, in the middle of this pond, in New Hampshire, with my parents.
I deleted images of speaker-on-stage after speaker-on-stage to make room for what I was seeing in the water.
There was a point in the past when I was amazed by what I could reproduce with this magic mechanical light box. It was good to know that I could return home and relive this all over again.

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