Bad Weather, Good Photographs

It’s said that bad weather makes good photographs. I tend to agree, but when you’re living out of a car and are worried about your camera getting soaked in torrential Vermont storms it’s probably not the best idea. When you hop back in your car it takes about an hour for your windows to stop fogging up.
These boys were walking along the railroad tracks somewhere in East Dorset, Vermont, when I drove by them. They were headed for a fishing hole not to far from where this photograph was taken.
I’ve realized I’m often drawn to scenes that remind me of my childhood and the beauty in the innocence of that part of my life. Maybe it wasn’t all that innocent. Maybe it’s just an illusion of innocence, but I sure as hell wouldn’t walk to a fishing hole in the pouring rain.

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  1. Annah:

    They even look like you and Paul…creepy. This would be interesting juxtaposed with your shot of the Palestinian boys on election day, holding the flag.

  2. LaU:

    I have never understood the joy of fishing. I have been walking to rivers and ponds to go fishing with friends, but always was bored as soon as I got there. It reminded me of you and I walking back to Athens along the railroad from Nelsonville, when the huge coaltrain came by.

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