…Got A Bargain"

Sure the economic crisis is affecting the globe, but in the SOHO neighborhood of New York City over the weekend you wouldn’t know it. These woman were amongst a herd of consumers from all parts of the world buying designer wear from the high-end shops that lined the streets. I’ve been to NYC over 20 times in my life and have never seen this many foreign shoppers taking advantage of the failing dollar. It’s strange to think that this goes on all over the developing world where wealthy foreigners travel mainly for the sake of spending their inflated currency on clothes and souvenirs.
The gap between the shoppers in this neighborhood and those who are truly facing poverty in the world is absolutely shocking. I heard a quote recently in the news from some foreign official who said, “Maybe now people will realize that money and material goods do not lead to happiness.” Yeah, we’ve heard the old adage that “Money can’t buy happiness…love…” but does it take a Great Depression to make us all realize this?
A crashing market may hurt a tremendous many on the planet, but there will surely be money to go around.
If you have any thoughts about money, happiness, or stories you’ve heard about your grandmother’s life during the Great Depression, please post here and start a dialogue.

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  1. mom:

    Jim, Very interesting picture and story. Not one of the women in the picture look happy they look stressed about shopping. My thoughts on the econmic crisis, is it real, absolutly, though I think the people it is effecting the most is people who are trying to live beyond there means and the elderly who are trying to live on a fixed income. It is the elderly I am most worried about. Will money buy happiness, I think to some it does, to me would I be happiest going out to a fancy resteraunt or cooking a big meal with family and friends, it would be family and friends.


  2. Pablo:

    Jim, I talked to my mom today and asked her what she thought about the mess. of course she said that she had seen it a lot worse growing up they had absolutely nothing they made or grew everything even made there own shoes.Problem is people do not know how to live like that any more.things are bad and will get worse people have been living off credit that they did not have and the well has gone dry. Thanks to deregulation the wolfs were turned out to feed! And this will affect us all for many years to come.
    Great Blog

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