Rest in Peace

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Grammy Zina used to make macaroni and cheese just about every night she would watch us. I can remember her baby sitting Paul and I one night and watching Doctor Who in the living room. For some reason the show scared me so bad that I started screaming and crying. I can remember Grammy come running in and telling me it’s only a TV show and that the monsters were just fake. It’s comforting to have a Grammy who tells you monsters are fake.
Grammy passed away a few weeks ago and I drove home for the funeral. Funerals are always hard, especially when you haven’t seen the person who has passed away in quite some time. They look different than you remember them. The last time I saw Grammy she was happy to see us, even though she didn’t know who most of us were. Aging often takes the mind before the body. But Grammy was still sweet and offering of a drink. She will be missed but always remembered. Rest in peace, Grammy.

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  1. Pops:

    Sorry to hear about Grammy Zina passing on. It is always hard when loved ones go.I myself am not one to attend funerals. I like to remember loved ones as when I had the pleasure to spend time with them. Which it seams we never do enough of.
    Our Hearts go out to the family.

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