me and my shadow

Reflections of Carnegie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania © Jim Korpi

“A Literal Reflection”

I heard about you once,
transparent man with iron-pressed pants.
You look familiar,
even though I can see through you.
You follow me on sun-lit days
and lamp-lit nights.
You shine in silver streams
and float in framed photographs.
Now you gaze in glass
and hover in the hues.
Your presence is a comfort,
a clue that I exist.

Doubt reigns in the dark…


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  1. Pops:

    Jim the sun is a beautiful thing, we need it to survive.
    When the sun shines in the N.W. everyone comes alive.
    There are times we live without it so long.
    That I find myself looking in the mirror, just to make sure that indeed, I do exist…

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