Friedman Hits the Nail

If you’ve read any Thomas Friedman you’re probably aware of his cocky catch phrases that attempt to sum up the world’s issues, like the “The Lexus and the Olive Tree,” a title for one of his books that refers to a theory of his about the societal structure of “Lexus” producing countries and “Olive” producing countries. Regardless of my disdain for his over simplification, he offen does swiftly hammer down on the nail.
In a recent column in The New York times titled “Bushes Waterlogged Halo,” Friedman talks about the direction of our country and our administration economically and more importantly, environmentally.

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  1. Anonymous:

    This all sounds strange to me. I keep wondering why this is a national discussion over there. I cant think of anything else but agree with Friedman, but his ideas have been practice out here for years. Except for the fact that we dont use public inner city transport, we use private ones: bicycles. Love to use my car every now and then, but when I pay for fuel I realize that over 60% is government taxes, which is used to build windparks and sunrun cities.

    Lau, The Netherlands

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