Creating Need

Car & Home Shop, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia © Jim Korpi

“You know what your country has done so well?” my friend Abdullah asked. I was not sure where he was heading with this questioning. “For so long your country has been good at creating needs.”
As a salesman, Abdullah envied this cultural trait, the ability to create needs.
As countries move towards emulating the United States, I wonder what a world filled with created needs will look like.

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  1. pops:

    Are they really needs,or just merely wants??

  2. admin:

    Yes. They are often wants. Do we need an iphone? Do we need an ipod? Do we need a new pair of shoes when we have shelves of others? But they don’t go with my pants. I need new pants…
    Have a look at this guy’s speech at the TED conference:

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