Palestine Oppressed

© Jim Korpi

I was witness to the Palestinian elections in which Hamas won the majority of the Palestinian vote. The party has answered the Palestinians needs and thoughts about their situation and therefor won support. The world aided and watched over the election, with foreign election officials at nearly every voting booth, including former US President Jimmy Carter at a voting station in Jerusalem. The majority of the world then denied the democratic results.
Nowhere else in the world is a group of people currently being caged in, oppressed and financially suffocated like those Palestinians living in Gaza and similarly, but less blatantly, in the West Bank.
When the Native Americans rose up in the past to fight for their rights to the land annexed by the colonizers in North America and denied being placed on reservations, they were called “barbaric.” The settlers often claimed their battles with natives were in self-defense.
“Every Indian outbreak that I have ever known has resulted from broken promises and broken treaties by the government.” – Buffalo Bill

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  2. Lau:

    Jimmy, big words ‘nowhere else’, since many people across the planet live in oppression and most westerners know nothing about it, but probably true. How come politicians have opinions and behave in way that is so far apart from the general public opinion? dont know about the US, but that certainly is the case out here. Dont know anybody that would not call the Israeli actions disproportional, war crime and violation of the Geneva-convention, only so called world leaders. Miss Merkel probably still feels quilty, but the rest of them? I simply dont get it.

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