Obama Inauguration © Jim Korpi

“For us to wait for legislation or technology to solve the problem of how we’re living our lives suggests we’re not really serious about changing – something our politicians cannot fail to notice. They will not move until we do. Indeed, to look to leaders and experts, to laws and money and grand schemes, to save us from our predicament represents precisely the sort of thinking – passive, delegated, dependent for solutions on specialists – that helped get us into this mess in the first place. It’s hard to believe that the same sort of thinking could now get us out of it.”
Michael Pollan, The Way We Live Now; Why Bother? New York Times Magazine April 20, 2008

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  1. Tim Gruber:

    Enjoy this photo Jim. It’s “overflowing” with a human presence despite the lack of ppl. Very telling about the age we live in.

  2. Peter Hoffman:

    I wish you took the slightest step back, but I’m digging it as well.

    Talk is cheap …

  3. Jim Korpi:

    I was thinking the other day about this image and thought about the fact that there are so many stringent laws against littering ($500 on roadways), but there are no laws against the production of those things that are considered litter? If I get fined $500 for throwing a plastic bottle out my window shouldn’t the company producing the plastic bottle pick up half the tab? The bottle will most likely be “downcyled” into something that ends up in a landfill anyway. I know it’s not ending up on the highway, but it ends up in someone’s backyard.

  4. Jim Korpi:

    There was a bright wall to the left of the frame. I wanted to keep it as clean (not so clean) as I could. Not an excuse just a reason.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Lau:

    Jim, being a liberal im generally not in favour of forbidding things. dont want to live in a police-run country. Think i agree with Michael Pollan’s words. Dont just sit and wait ,but move yourself. Always change has to come from within for it to work, if u want to establish a democracy, if u want people to stop using paper cups, or whatever.

    Was just talking to a friend the other night. He went for coffee and decided to have one at McDonald’s. I asked him why. Cause it was the nearest place to have coffee, he answered. Did he consider the fact that they serve coffee in bleached paper cups with plastic covers and you get a plastic spoon and sugar from a small bleached paper bag? No, he had not thought about that. But he understood my point that he was drinking coffee and actually only producing trash. But he also said: Lau, do you think it will help in any way if you stop drinking coffee at McDonald’s, cause whatever you do paper and plastic will be produced anyway? I responded by asking if he knew how paper is produced and if he loves going out into the forest. Of course he knew, and yes, he loved nature. Next time he goes again, he will at least think about it, and maybe there might not be a third time and he will go somewhere where coffee is served from a regular mug.

    I told him one swallow does not make a summer, so me banning coffee from paper cups is not helping that much now. But being an example is important, so talk and explain. If people see your acts and understand why, they will follow. I banned plastic cups from my dept within 3 days. Not by enforcing it, but by bringing my own. A gift from your mum!

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