Redefining Failure

Support © Jim Korpi

It’s said Michael Jordan scored high because he shot the ball toward the hoop more than most. Missing, in this case, becomes as familiar as not. With this normalcy comes a calm. In this calm there is no hesitation. Hesitation can, as a deer in headlights, lead to failure.
My past weekend was a self-analysis of failure. The advertised “cage fighting” match was actually just a typical boxing ring. The lighting was borderline candlelight, and my skills with color film and a rangefinder camera were/are in given situations in need of refreshing.
The drive was far, the cost was high and the results were poor; a fine recipe for failure.
But I shot.
This guy entered the ring, got his face pounded and then lost the match. Maybe next time he’ll punch less, headlock more and go to bed earlier the night before. That night he had plenty of ring-side support.

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