Planet Ohio University

After Fest © Jim Korpi

It may be happening all over the collegiate world, and/or maybe I’m getting old, but life on Planet Ohio University functions on a different set of rules than that of Planet Earth.
Here young folks without jobs drive $50,000 vehicles, they party on Mondays, they wear their pajamas, sweatpants, and lingerie like uniforms, they talk on their cell phones and eat fast food in quiet sections of the library, they party on Tuesdays, they stand still on both sides of the elevator, they walk on a “don’t walk”, they live their lives to ipod soundtracks, they party on Wednesdays, they get drunk with their mothers, they cuss loudly in public areas, they use the word like following ever other word, and they are studying unemployable topics in hopes of getting a job.
Is this truly the work force of our future? If so, we’re in more trouble than I imagined.

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  1. Tim Gruber:

    Damn Jim this is a nicely written post. Thanks for the laugh. OU in the spring really resembles a distant planet.

  2. peter hoffman:

    I’ve been stewing about the same things. All I can think is that many of these people are in for some sort of rude awakening, or they will get arrested soon after school ends.
    But, and I tend to forget about this when a fight between drunken idiots breaks out outside of my window on a Thursday night and I’m a few buttons away from calling the police, there are a lot of good, smart people here … and the idiots who just follow the crowd will only have a cubicle crowd to follow soon. If that brings any solace.

  3. Annah:

    Wow. Great shot and great thought.
    I wish the “experts” who are scratching their heads over the current economic crisis comprised of credit card debt and greed would take a microscopic look at college culture. Maybe they could find some of the answers they are looking for. As for the rest of us, we should reach out to our neighbors on these campuses and invite them to alternatives to partying. I think some of the “followers” are more open than we think to a meaningful existence separate from Tuesday hangovers…

  4. Kevin:

    I don’t know, Jim. I just think that you’re getting old and crotchety. 🙂

    Seriously though, I think you’re equating the actions of a few to the mindsets and behaviors of many. Sure, we have our bad apples, but you’ll find that nearly everywhere you go. There are a lot of intelligent, hard-working, polite, decent people here – and some of them enjoy a drink or two after a hard exam on a Tuesday, or a “fest” on a spring Saturday.

    (Note: I hate the fests. But I do enjoy a Tuesday at Jackie O’s.)

  5. Jim Korpi:

    There’s always a few optimists in the crowd.
    Just kidding Kevin and Peter. You make valid points. Believe me, I’m gambling on the side of optimism when it comes to the problems of the world. What’s my other option?
    But to cast aside what is happening on this college campus (and others) as a case a few “bad apples” is like wearing a blindfold into burning house and saying “It’s getting hot in here.” You’re underestimating the enormity of the problem based past experience and blind faith.
    I don’t look at the people in these situations as bad or good. There is no black or white, Axis of Evil involved in my comments. I only look at what is happening on an everyday basis and see something that is not sustainable in a healthy society and community.

  6. peter:

    I never said there's any shortage of those folks who can't think for themselves, and follow the lemmings into the cubicles. I do think that the problem is widespread, and man I can't wait to sleep in my parents' quiet suburban home. I actually did call the police last week because of a**holes on our street who think 4 am is normal time to be shouting on your porch. And I live on a quiet street.

    The problem is that the good folks, of whom there are also many, just don't make any sort of noise. You have to look hard to find all the noise (or solutions to noise) they are making. But OU is crazy, and it's student body is largely self-destructive and destructive to the community. But it won't stop until the community truly says Fuck it and moves away or the law enforcement starts doing something about that kid smoking a joint and drinking a 40 walking down the street in broad daylight. There's no respect for authority here. There's no reason to behave. Hell, if I didn't have a conscience I would have been busting shit up all over since I got here. No one does anything!

  7. Anonymous:

    Hey! What's wrong with cubicles???! I guess I don't technically work in a cubicle but I know a lot of great, well educated people who are putting in their "time" in a cubicle awaiting their next promotion.

    With that said, your point is "spot-on". I am amazed at the lifestyle of many of the college students today and the seemingly lack of care by a handful of them.

    However, we should not only look at the students, but let's not forget to look at the parents as well. What came first… the chicken or the egg?

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