Making a Difference

Make a Difference Ohio © Jim Korpi

Not to long ago it was brought to my attention that the AmeriCorps group I’m signed up with is most likely a front for Obama’s secret army or “national security force.” This is according to FOX news and Glenn Beck.
After spending my Saturday afternoon with my comrades in an impoverished part of Ohio building raised beds for a community garden, I smiled at the thought that some deranged talk show host had compared Obama and his AmeriCorps army to Hitler and Saddam Hussein. This is ridiculously comical.
Make a Difference Day Ohio was the occasion. According to Michael Pollan, growing your own food is one of the most powerful ways an individual can actually make a difference in the world.
If anyone is questioning the efficacy of the AmeriCorps program started by Preseident Bill Clinton, first ask yourself whether idealism is a quality that should be nourished in our youth. The young adults who have signed up for a year of poorly paid service to their communities are some of the most idealistic and altruistic people I have been around. The youth of this country need to be given the support and outlets for their idealism to flourish. What is the alternative?
The above photograph is of my comrades Jess Kauffman and Roger Anderson at Make A Difference Day in Glouster, Ohio. Jess is an amazing singer, song writer, musician in the band Duke Junior & The Smokey Boots and Roger is a talented and curious gentleman who speaks French and is learning Arabic. Obama’s army is a talented bunch.

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