Making Fire


Discarded Umbrella, Milan, Italy © Jim Korpi

A disposable lighter, like the one I found on the ground in an alley, runs about a euro at the local tobacco shop. I shook this mini yellow one and found it to be full. The problem with it had to do with the fact that its previous owner kept it in her purse along with a handful of milk chocolates.
On a daily walk to work down the alley, the owner reached into her purse for a lighter or a chocolate and found the two had become one. She threw both on the ground.
The lighter was clogged with chocolate. I took it home and spent 45 minutes with a piece of alcohol soaked cotton cleaning its moving parts. After putting it back together, I tried to light it by pressing down the child safety mechanism, spinning the flint wheel and pushing down the gas button in one motion. This proved impossible for an adult, so I watched a video on the internet made by a teenager on how to remove the child safety mechanism. Once removed, I spun the flint wheel and made fire.

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