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Is There A Difference Between Country Women And City Women?

Yes. Just as there is a difference between country men and city men. Then there is a grey area of people from suburbia when they enjoy their lawns and better air than the city, but don’t have horses and barns. I am a suburbianite and live about 15 minutes outside the city. I get a river view and the public streets have very little trash on them.

City people get dressed up more. They seem a little more intense and the young city people are regular clubgoers. They dress with more of the latest fashion trends in mind. A city woman will care more about needing an LV handbag. Saturday Night Fever comes to mind. Country people are more laid back. The women will be less likely to wear spiked high heel shoes and makeup.” – MIU (username) Location: MA/NH, 13,609 posts, read 24,836,614 times, Reputation: 10897

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  1. Pops:

    While the city girl wears heels ,the country girl wears no shoes…:-)

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