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Two inch passport photos are needed for my international driver’s license. This is why I find myself in line at Walmart’s photo department.
“You need these for a passport?” Mary, the grandmotherly woman behind the counter, asks. It’s a legitimate question.
“No, I need them for a Italian driver’s license.”
“Italy! Oh, you know, I was watching House Hunter’s International last night. It was in Berlin, Germany. The couple had $500,000 to spend on a house. They found one for $400,000 but it had a teeny bathroom. Then they found one in the middle for $450,000. They found another for $500,000, but they ended up going with the one in the middle for $450,000. Things are expensive in Berlin. How about in Italy?”
I answer something about it all coming out in the wash. She agrees.
“Some friends of mine just moved down to Florida,” she said. “They were hoping to live down there for 8 months without having to work. Family came down to visit and they went through their money too fast. They came back after four months. Now he is a truck driver and they hope to raise enough money to live for six months down there. I would go too if I could, but I can’t because my grandkids. They live two hours away, but we see them every chance we can. I was just up there yesterday and Chelsea was sitting on my lap and said, ‘Grandma, I love you. I wish I could see you every day.’ Imagine that! She wishes I could be there every day.”

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