home sweet and bitter


Repairing Street Sign, Milan, Italy © Jim Korpi

“Home is where the heart is.” It’s a catchy slogan for a doormat, but home and heart are not so easily pinned down.
My new home is familiar. There is comfort in familiarity, a comfort in the familiar faces of the neighbors you walk by every morning, a comfort in knowing the names of the streets when giving directions. There is a comfort in having a coffee at a familiar café served by a familiar waiter.
My present familiar is what it must be like to have a summer home in a cooler place, or to winter in a warmer state. Seeing people when I return, they say things like, “It’s been so hot this summer,” and I feel simultaneously guilty and fortunate to have been somewhere else, another familiar.

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  1. susan engler:

    I hope you discover new and wonderful things and people in this Italian “home” you’ve come back to. I thought that was Annah at first doing something to the sign but I can’t see her wearing black gloves! Sending love and peaceful thoughts to you now.


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