Punished by Song


Festa della Liberazione, Liberation Day, Castelnuonvo Al Volturno, Italy © Jim Korpi

Julia sang like an angel. The whole church knew it. Without her they sang like the peasant rice farmers they were, from the heart but with little practice and harmony.
After a season in the fields, the town celebrated. Local musicians played music, Julia sang along to all the songs she knew. Birds flew south and listened as Julia bellowed below. Julia’s boss, a well-known farmer, asked her to dance. She could not turn him down. She danced.
The next Sunday when Julia arrived for church the priest met her at the door. “Julia,” he said, “Because of what you have done, under the eyes of the Lord, you are not to sing in church for one month.” Julia was angered. She was not the only one who danced at the festival. But she listened to the priest and obeyed.
The church went on singing with a broken tempo. Julia no longer carried them. Many in the church told the priest to “Let Julia sing.”
After service the priest pleaded with Julia, “You have to sing again.”
“God said I am not to sing for one month,” Julia reminded the priest. “So for one month I will not sing.”

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