Home Sweet Home

My blogging has fallen a bit behind do to a recent trip to Israel for work on my project, but I’m back and want to show some of you who will be visiting in the future and some of you who can’t visit where we live in Amman, Jordan.
The apartment is small but cozy and has everything two people could ever want. It’s amazing how little space one really needs to live. I reckon if I had all my belongings from the states I could surely fill this place up in a truckload, but it is so refreshing to live with so little.

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  1. Rebekah Deitrich:

    What a perfect place for a newly married couple! Thanks for sharing. It’s really nice to see pictures of people on your blog, especially of you and Annah. Lots of love from Bekah!

  2. Lau:

    Seems like a nice place, cant wait to sit on one of those chairs on your porch. Will this be my couch in 3 weeks?

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