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Just about everything fell through during my weekend trip down to Aqaba to work on my project. I had planned to go on board a fishing boat to photograph the daily life of those who pull fish from the Red Sea (Bahar Ahmar in Arabic).
Not long before I arrived in Jordan there were attempts to attack US ships moared up in Aqaba, and they also sent one missile over to the Israeli beach resort town of Eilat. These poor attempts at striking up terror and the events in Amman have caused an increase in security throughout the country, but especially on the borders. Aqaba happens to border Saudi Arabia to the south, Israel to the west, and Egypt’s Sinai is but a short swim away.
In order to photograph fishermen in this country ones needs a permit, which requires more time than I planned.
This weekend just happened to be Jordan Rally weekend in Aqaba. So at the very least I got to see a side of Jordan I never knew existed. People came from all over to see these beefed up foreign cars squeal around narrow streets lined with old tires. Truthfully it was fun to watch, and I don’t consider myself a racecar fan.

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