Questioning Weakness

“Religion is a weakness in mankind,” was one of the first opinions I relayed to my wife on our premier date. “Isn’t it alright to be weak? Aren’t we all weak at times?” she replied with all the innocence of humanity backing the tone in her voice.
This is one of the reasons I fell in love with her. She admitted the weakness in all of us and made me question my sense of strength and control at the same moment.
My visit to Israel, like most people, was one of religious contemplation and exploration. What struck me was the level of obedience the Jewish people and the Arabs have towards their religion. The question that kept going through my head was, “How can all these intelligent people be so religious? How can they follow something so unknowable?”
On a smoky four-hour bus ride home from Aqaba last night I talked with a Jordanian, Mohammed, who had studied German in Germany and who happens to speak English as well as most folks in America. “In Germany you ask people if they believe in a God and it’s completely normal if they say no. Here if you ask someone if they believe in the God, and they say no, you think to yourself, ‘How can someone with a rational mind not believe in a God?’ It just makes no sense to me,” he said.
The Wailing Wall in the old city of Jerusalem brings out some of the most dedicated. If I asked this child leaning against the wall if he believed in the God, I wonder if he too would look at me with the same look as Mohammed and say, “Doesn’t everyone?”

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  1. Anonymous:

    We believe what we are taught to believe.
    We disbelieve what others believe.
    We believe others to be unbelievers.
    As we are to them.

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