The Aging Process

An immediacy has begun to creep into my conscience. The end seems more visible.
Aging is beginning to feel like the hike up a mountain. When you begin you’re full of strength and ideals. One foot replaces the next up the steep switch-backs. Slowly you realize the immensity of your endeavor and you slow your pace. Tucked in the thicket of the tree-line, you look down at your feet. The path is rocky. The peak is hidden in the clouds.
Maybe now I’ve cleared the tree line. The path is not smoother but more predictable. I’m able to lift my head from my self-significance and look to the mountaintop. It’s high, but closer.

Posted April 15th, 2010 in Uncategorized.


  1. Kevin:

    A really thoughtful post. Beautiful image; poetic lines.

  2. Pops:

    Whoa Jim this is heavy and great.
    If you are above the tree line, then I am in the ice 🙂

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