Ball in Their Court

Tomorrow the Palestinians take the next step towards a more politically backed people in the the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) election.
On Sunday through Monday the present security forces voted, and I had the opportunity to watch as many of them proudly “spoke their minds” in the way of votes. It surely was a beautiful thing. This is to be the second PLC election the Palestinians have had.
Whether the United States, Israel or the European Union approve of those who run in the elections or not, a true democracy, if this is what the free world proposes, is a people free to choose.
In this photograph members of the security forces gather before entering the voting booths at a college in Jerusalem. Painted on the wall to the right is “Fateh,” the ruling party in Palestine and also a party many Palestinians view as too close to both Israel and the US.
The fact that Hamas is doing well has little to do with the popularity of “terrorists” in this part of the world and more to do with what these people see in those they want representing them.
Washington Post just published a number of articles recently pointing out funding by the United States to boost the popularity of the current government so that Hamas doesn’t gain seats in the Parliament. Our government is spreading American democracy; money buys the government.

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