The Proper Punch

Book Smart © Jim Korpi

My grandfather consciously taught me a few things. I can remember one such lesson. We were resting after a long day’s work. He was smoking a hand-rolled cigarette and kneeling down when he said, “You want to know how to really throw a punch?” Of course I did. I was a boy with a future of possibilities. So he stood up and stuck his barrel chest out and put up both his fists as if he were preparing for a bare-knuckle brawl. The cigarette was still pursed between his lips as he exhaled the next step in the proper punch. “It’s all in your body,” he said as twisted his torso and right fist in my direction. The impact was jarring.
There’s so much I wish my grandfather had taught me other than how to properly put a whoopin’ on someone. Learning often came in the way of watching and mimicking like a child learns language.
My neighbor just started gardening, actually a number of my neighbors just started to grow their own food. They’re learning from books, from friends and from neighbors. When I made this photograph, I thought about the importance of passing down knowledge and how peculiar a predicament it is to learn the magic of growing food from a book.

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