Color or B&W?

While editing some of my images from the Palestinian elections, I came across this photograph. The boys in the group asked if I would take it and I’m glad I did. Someday I would like to go back to the West Bank town of Hebron and find out what happened to each one of these guys. Each one had a hard edge to them. They were nice in a friends-with-a-bully sort of way, but they were also the trouble makers of the town.
I originally took the photograph in color but converted it to black and white to see how it would look. I will post the color version a little late. Let me know what you think of both versions or what you think of color vs. balck and white.

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  1. bekah:


    We mostly see Palestinians with some form of artillery in their hands in our media. This is refreshing, and in general I prefer black and white pictures because color often distracts from the people. Still, I’ll cast my vote when I see both pictures! Thanks Jim!

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