… And Color

This is the same image in color. To me the boys seems more like you and I, or like the Karate Kid and some of the guys in high school with rough attitudes, but that if you got to know them they were really nice guys. Truthfully these guys were amazingly nice and curious. They looked after me.
The black and white version definitely strips needless information away and distracts you less from the faces, but for some reason I feel a distance from the men in the photograph.

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  1. Lau:

    Jim, you know how I feel about colors so it might not surprise you where my vote goes.

    Although with the black & white one the focus is more on the faces and I feel the green fence and the wall are a little distracting, I prefer the colored one where the fierceness and strength in the boys’ faces comes out better. The colored one is more lively and real and I love some small details like the way the guy holds his sigaret and the green napkin (or is it a flag) the other one is holding. The B&W looks more posed, like guys that used to dress up in the sixties to star in a Westside Story-play.

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