Jordanian Feast

Eating in Jordan can be an ordeal lasting hours. This lunch went from 1-7 p.m. The meal, Oozi, is a layering of chicken, rice, peas, beef, roasted nuts, parsley and eaten with yogurt, pickled cabbage and scooped with bread. Throw on top of that a few cups of coffee and then a few of tea.
It was one of the greatest experiences we’ve had with Jordanians yet. The family is from the suburb of Zarka, just north of Amman. The father, Abu Ramee, was born in Zarka but is clearly of African decent. He gave me a ride home in his tractor-trailer truck from near the Iraqi border to his hometown, which is about 4 and a half hours from the border and close to where I live. We had English and Arabic lessons in the cab of his truck. My Arabic got better in the 4 hours of his truck than it did in a month of lessons.
The mother is from Palestine and was unbelievably warm and caring, and Abu Ramee’s large family was immediately comfortable and curious with their American guests.

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