Winds of Change

Wind Farm © Jim Korpi

Tractor trailor trucks crowd our highways and make one wonder what ever happened to trains and how can it be economical for all those big rigs to run all over the country.
But there is something I’ve been seeing a lot of on the back of these trucks that brings a smile to my face.
The wings of a windmill look small in the distance, but when an escorted wide-load passes you on an interstate with one wobbling on its extended trailer you’re humbled by the size and the knowledge that this is only one piece of a giant.

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  1. michael lachman:

    there’s something weirdly beautiful and a bit alien about windmills from a distance – no wonder Don Quixote started having visions when one hove into view.

    Very nice photo indeed…hope you’ve been having a great time out California way.

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