A friend once asked me, “Jim, why is it that you always root for the underdog?” Why is it that when watching a sporting event I know nothing about I always cheer for the losing team?
The story of David and Goliath is one we all know. A man with a slingshot takes down a giant against all odds. In society we seek out these examples of inspiration. If the Red Sox win the World Series we hold our drinks up high and give out a primal scream that comes from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously.
In Palestine the story of David vs. Goliath continues but with a conclusion much less inspirational. Palestinians seem to feel this ending and seek icons of hope in a hopeless future. They attempt to resist what feels like the inevitable.
Maybe this is why I feel sympathetic for the underdog.

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  1. Khaled:

    Their feature cannot be describe as a hopeless one… they are not paying that tax of blood since 1936 or even before, without hope… Palestinians doing this because they believe in their right. They have a faith in their right.

    Will you please mention the places where these perfect photos were took,
    Thank you.

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